About Micah Wood

Micah WoodHi, I’m Micah Wood. I’m a WordPress ninja. Literally. I have 18 years of martial arts experience in four different styles and can write some “killer” code. Starting as a WordPress white belt at version 2.9, I quickly worked my way up the ranks to become the professional WordPress developer I am today. When I’m not working, I am usually spending time with my wife Megan, two beautiful daughters Adyson and Chloe, and my twin boys Judah and Nathaniel.

Recent Projects & Presentations

Micah’s Specialties

WordPress Development
Creating new and exciting things on the web is what I do everyday.  I find that using the WordPress content management system  as a base for my projects allows me to get things done quicker and to get more exposure from the vast WordPress community.  Many people use the terms ‘designer’ and ‘developer’ interchangeably, but it is very rare to find anyone who actually does both well.  My forte is development, specifically WordPress plugin development.  If there is something that you wish WordPress could do, I can make it happen.

Search Engine Optimization
Helping people get their message out on the web is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.  Many people in the SEO industry will utilize a bunch of tricks to game the search engines, which work in the work short-term, but don’t have a lasting effect.  I choose to approach SEO from a more marketing-oriented approach and help you engage in the activities that will get the attention of real people, as well as the search engines.

Good SEO is 10% technical knowledge and 90% a side effect of great marketing.
— Micah Wood

Contact Info

John Micah Wood
Order of Business, LLC

2704 Wood Gate Way,
Snellville, GA 30078
United States



Georgia State University – B.B.A. in Management and Marketing (Magna Cum Laude)

Technical Skills

  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript / jQuery / Backbone / Underscore.js
  • XML
  • WordPress